As Roxas would say ‘Looks like my summer vacation is..over…’ could never be more true!..first day of school today..yay -_-
Ok Niall Horan is now my new future husband, because everytime i look at him i see Ven & Roxas..

Yeeeaah i think this is love XD

I just watched Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure with my little cousin, and the whole time she kept looking at me like i was crazy because id get excited and smile everytime Terrance would talk…(maybe its cuz every time he talked I imagined Roxas or Ventus talking instead)…I love his voice X)

OMFG DREAM DROP DISTANCE IN ENLGISH!!! i herd Vanitas’ voice…and Roxas…and Axel..AND SORA! AHHHHHHHHH :D  *head explodes from excitment* i have seen the promise lands and it is good X)